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Design Your Future

The Mid-life


Michell Pulliam | Author, online lifestyle consultant and coach

 the design your future -'mini life makeover'™! 
  The forward-thinking, time strapped woman's answer to getting faster results (without all the extras!) Give me 4 hours (that's shorter than the amount of time between you clocking in to work and your lunch break) and I'll show you how to map out your success, and start designing your life, so you can stop wasting your time and start enjoying life! 

Columbia, SC

Michell Pulliam | Author, online lifestyle consultant and coach

If you’re like me, (time conscious about everything in life and already dealing with a full plate)...the last thing you need is a program that takes up time (you can't afford to give away). You know the saying, “Work smarter, not harder”? This is exactly what I had in mind when creating my newest signature system.


What if you could get immediate insight and an easily doable plan (personalized for your life) that you can start using immediately, getting you to your desired results in a fraction of the time it takes with a normal coaching program (and at a fraction of the cost)? No strings attached, no pressure to sign up for more programs, unless of course, you want to work with me further. 


I don't believe every woman has to go through months of coaching and multiple programs to get to their breakthrough or AHA moment. Some women have the drive and willpower, they just need the road map. And these are the women the coaching industry has overlooked. I’m willing to turn the coaching business on its head, to reach women just like you! Women who don’t need a full out coaching program, just a shift in their thinking. Women like me, who only need the directions and they can build it themselves.

Making goals and plans are great, but you can't stop there! (It's not enough to make them.) If we don't make a mindset shift, our plans will go out the window and never be possible. I'll show you how to make immediate shifts in your thinking, so you can set a game plan that aligns with what you truly want! I'll show you how to dream again...making your goals and desires (not only exciting and possible), but quickly achievable! 

now this isn't for every woman...
i've got other programs for you here.
Design Your Future |

this is for the woman who:

  • Is a self starter.

  • Is ready to design the life she wants.

  • Wants to make her goals doable AND achievable.

  • Values her time and wants immediate clarity in her personal and professional life.

  • Isn’t afraid of uncovering truths about herself and her life, because she knows it is the only way to move forward and get to the life she dreams of.

  • Knows she needs a shift and is ready and willing to make the changes needed, but doesn’t want or need a 4 week course or an extensive program to get there.

what you'll get:

  • A pre-session email to discuss what you'd like to work on.

  • An analysis that shows you exactly where you are in your life.

  • Pre-work (that guides you towards simple, yet effective mindset shifts).

  • Powerful self awareness, to help you get a clearer focus on what you ‘truly’ desire for your life (this makes your goals inspiring, fun and attainable).

  • Insight into what or who could be hindering you from getting to your goals.

  • Tools to help you pinpoint and eliminate those things you’ve been ‘tolerating’ in your life.

  • Life-long skills to help you recognize and put a stop to your own self-sabotaging habits.

  • Two breakthrough strategy sessions with me and your personalized life plan road and mind maps (emailed to you the next day) that you can begin using immediately!

  • I'll show you the possibilities, and YOU make them happen!

Design Your Future |

what's inside:

what do i need to do to get started:

  • It's easy, just click the 'Interest Form' button below and fill out the form and submit. 

  • Once your email has been received, I will then contact you via email, so we can discuss what you want to work on.

  • Click the button below to purchase.

  • Once your payment has been received, I'll send you an email with all of your information.

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