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mindset makeover

Personal Success Mini-Courses

When your mindset gets in the way of your success. 8 self discovery mini courses to help you master your mindset. You don't need any more information. . .you need transformation. You've read the self help and motivational books, now it's time to take action! Each course targeting eight different areas of life most women consistently work on.

Quick and easy to follow. . .because getting to your desired life shouldn't be a long complicated process.



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Modules and Worksheets

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  • Short, simple (but effective) lessons, using Biblical and practical applications

  • Self guided, so you can use at your convenience

  • Each course comes with an interactive worksheet, with exercises you can apply immediately

 Young Woman Contemplating

Your Mind

The MIND. . .where it all begins! Want to know the secret to getting results in your life? In this course you'll find out the key to unlocking it!


Your Emotions

How to use your emotions to your advantage. Tired of your emotions always setting you back? Discover the secret to making them work for you, not against you.

Pink Handbag

Your Money

Become a money magnet. Fed up with having just enough to cover expenses? Find out how to ensure your bank account is always full and you have more than enough.

Creative Professional

Your Business/Career

Get guaranteed success in your business and career. Still stuck in the same spot when you first started your career or business? Learn how to take your professional life farther than you'd ever expect.

Colleagues Working Together

Your Goals

Create, implement, and carry out your goals. Why your goals  always fall short of getting accomplished and how you can put a stop to it.

Prenatal Yoga

Your Health and Body

Get the body you desire...the right way! Can't ever seem to lose those last extra pounds or stick with that program? Here's the missing ingredient to finally getting to your desired weight and healthiest life.

Outside Dinner

Your Relationships

Are you frustrated and tired of being misunderstood and your relationships are suffering because of it? Find out how to become the relationship maven, so you can rock in all your relationships – from personal to professional and everything in between.


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Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

Your Best Life

How to live your life full! This is it! Take your life from mediocrity to va-voom, by following these steps.


The Entire Series

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Extra Bonus when you purchase the entire series

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Disclaimer: These courses are in no way intended to be used as a substitute for psychological counseling, financial advisory, therapy, or professional health care advice such as from a medical doctor, psychiatrist, licensed counselor or therapist of any kind. Please read my full disclaimer here. If you have experienced trauma in the past that has not been resolved, I suggest you seek spiritual and/or professional counseling from your clergy or therapist before continuing with these courses.

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