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Join me for
the RePURPOSE Your Life Women's Retreat
Hilton Head, SC
October 21st-24th, 2021!
Due to Covid-19, the retreat has been rescheduled for October 21st-24th, 2021. For updates and details, please email me at
Transform Your Life in Hilton Head!
Renew and recreate your life as we spend four days and three nights on the beautiful island of Hilton Head, SC, where you'll unwind and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. We'll do deep spiritual transformational work together, and strategically plan and map out your future. Imagine the beautiful Atlantic coast, the delicious food, the scenic views, the relaxing atmosphere and southern charm of this coastal city. Now throw in a 1:1 private life planning session with me, a vision and purpose mastermind, and an interactive transformation group session with a few proactive women just like you, who are ready to start living the life she's been dreaming of! 
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This retreat is for you if  you're a woman who...

  • Is going through a life ​adjustment (by chance or by choice) and you don't know what your next steps should be.

  • Knows that God has called you to do more, but you're not clear as to what it is.

  • Wants a deeper and more rewarding life, but you don't know where or how to find it.

  • Is entering your second half of life, but think you're past your prime and you have no options.


YES, you can...

  • Rediscover your life if you're starting over after making a life adjustment, (e.g., divorce, empty nester, career change, etc.), even if you're intimidated and scared of doing so.

  • Have more than what you were told you deserved (in your career, relationships, etc.), even if you think it's too late to make a change.

  • Enter your second half of life with a second wind, vitality, a new perspective, and a renewed passion and purpose for your life, even if you think you're too old and must settle for what's left over. (I'm living proof!)

During and after this retreat you'll...

  • Learn how to repurpose your unique gifts, talents, skill sets and life experiences to create your new future.

  • Have the confidence, tools and step-by-step game plan to ensure your next chapter is a successful one.

  • Have the skills needed to set doable and achievable goals that align with you, based on your desires. This makes your goals inspiring, fun, and (most importantly) attainable.

  • Have a personalized life plan (we'll create together), that you'll be able to use over and over again for future use.

  • Go from doubting you could have that successful and fulfilling life, to envisioning that life, to being on the path to living that life. 

Open for registration March 1st, 2021

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Don't worry, ​all of our time won't be spent in sessions brainstorming and discovering your new future! That's great of course, but we'll be on one of the prettiest coastal cities in America. So we'll be sure to indulge in the culture, the food, the art, the history, and perhaps a bike ride around this beautiful scenic island! And not to mention, our end of the retreat spirit renewing ceremony on the beach, where you'll reconnect with your life purpose and vision.


*Reserve Your Spot Today for Only $100

(*This deposit is nonrefundable)

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What you'll get!

Everything is included to ensure your time at the retreat is as stress free and relaxing as possible, so you'll have the space to create a memorable and transformative experience. 

  • 4 days and 3 nights in your own private room at the new Courtyard Marriott, Hilton Head Island, SC.

  • Eight meals (Thursday - Dinner/ Friday & Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/ Sunday - Breakfast)

  • A Vision and Purpose Mastermind Session

  • A Breakthrough Strategy Group Session

  • A Private 1:1 Life Planning Session with me

  • An 'end of retreat' ceremony on the beach

  • All supplies and material

  • A swag bag personalized just for you

Price Includes:

**Please note that airfare, transportation and incidental charges to your hotel room, such as room service, movies, etc. are not included with your cost for the retreat. (this is the sole responsibility of the retreat attendee)**

Early Bird - 1495 (until May 31st)

Pay in Full - 1695

Monthly Payment Plan - 235 per month*

*(8-month duration. To be paid on the 15th of every month)

About Your Host:


In her twenty-four plus years of full-time ministry work, Michell Pulliam has assisted and guided hundreds of women through minor and major life changes. She's seen firsthand how overwhelming it can be when women don't know how to make that shift properly. This can bring your life to a standstill, and not only rob you, but rob those God has called you to make a great impact on.


Married for over thirty years to her (pastor) husband, she's raised three children to adulthood, assisted her husband in pioneering ministries in four states, and started her own business from scratch after being a stay-at-home mom for twenty-three years. As a women's mindset coach and vision strategist Michell has the knowledge and experience in going to the next stages of life smoothly and skillfully and showing other women how to do the same. Everything she does in her business and ministry is centered around this one thing... she hates to see women stagnant in their lives and living beneath their God-given potential!  


Through her coaching, Michell shows women how to move forward in life strategically, with confidence, ease, and a step-by-step game plan, ensuring their next chapter is successful. Her coaching style is often referred to as 'magnetic inspiration' as her clients go from doubting they could ever have a fulfilling life, to envisioning and mapping out that life, to living and falling in love with that life... regardless of her age (Michell's living proof!). Her superpower is helping other women uncover theirs.


Her coaching style is two-fold (spiritual and practical). Using her spiritual gifts, Michell taps into the wisdom of God to assist you in getting the clarity you need to move forward. And on the practical side, she's taken those years of experience, studies she's done, courses she's taken, help from the Holy Spirit, and intense work on herself and developed a fool-proof system, The Cultured Life Signature System™, personal and professional development coaching programs, and products for women just like you. Her clients love her, because of her down-to-earth, sincere, compassionate, and fun-loving personality. She makes it a point to work in a pressure-free, judgment-free zone, which creates an atmosphere of trust - empowering her clients to receive. This is how she's able to do meaningful work, creating the space for them to experience powerful breakthroughs. She is grateful for the assignment God has given her to serve women in this capacity and is a firm believer in helping them discover who they are in Christ (and how He sees them)... in their finished state!

Reinvigorate, Revive, Rediscover and Reinvent Your Life!


Mastermind session to get you clarity about what you want and don't want for your life (you know, those things you've been tolerating), leaving you crystal clear on what actions you need to take to ensure your future is a success. We also do exercises, to help you uncover your unique gifts and talents and repurpose them to use in your next chapter of life, making you feel inspired and excited about your future. 


A  deep diving transformational breakthrough group session, where we do intensive mindset work to ensure you're prepared with the tools you need to go into  your next chapter of  life, with confidence and ease. Allowing you to finally tackle the issues and change the self-sabatoging habits that have held you back from moving forward.


A  private one-on-one life planning session with me, where I show you how to start mapping out your future, using a proven, fool-proof goal setting system (that lights you up!). At the end of our session, you'll receive a personalized life plan road map (that will be mailed to you) you can reuse over and over again for  your future goal setting.

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