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My ideal clients

michell pulliam

life coaching for women

-midlife women's mindset coach

Although my clients may share similar circumstances (lack of self-assurance to set boundaries, self-sabotaging mindsets, making major transitions in their lives, etc.), it's necessary she has an individualized plan customized specifically for her and her needs. This is essential in order to get the optimum results she deserves.

The following characters are fictional, however, their situations and scenarios are not. You probably know or have known someone in your life who fits the description of one of these women, or perhaps one of these women could be you. Different name, different age, but similar situation . . .

My Ideal Client |

42 year old Tara is the oldest of three girls. She has always considered herself a mother figure. She’s a married mother of two daughters (19 and 21). She and her two younger sisters own a chain of high end hair salons in Orlando. This has been a dream of hers since she was in her twenties, but unfortunately it's turning into a nightmare. The problem - Tara is doing everything. Her sisters are busy traveling, spending money, and leaving her to take care of everything - including taking their father to his weekly dialysis treatments, which by the way, is a 45 minute drive one way.

On top of that, both of her daughters are in college and they expect Tara to be at their beck and call (which she finds herself doing more often than not). Her husband tries to help out whenever he can, but he's busy with his own career as a high school football coach. To add to her already stressed life, her doctor just diagnosed her with diabetes (probably caused by her stress and the few pounds she's put on from binge eating). She has yet to tell her family of her recent diagnosis.


Because Tara has always taken care of everyone, she doesn't want anyone brooding over her. She also still needs to hire some reputable stylists. The friends her sisters hired have proven to be more of a headache than anything. She's considering buying her sisters out and starting from scratch as their poor management skills are ruining the reputation of their salons. She hates letting everyone down and doesn't want to cause a riff in her family, but knows something has to give or she could soon find herself hospitalized or worse - dying prematurely.

My Ideal Client |

Meet Peggy, a 45 year old daycare worker from Boise, Idaho. She has been in the childcare industry for over 20 years now and is the mother of twin 16 year old girls. Peggy loves children and has a degree in early childhood education. She also recently took some business classes at a local community college.   


Peggy is recently divorced from her husband of 18 years (Stan) and they now have joint custody of their girls. She's always been family-oriented and becoming a single mother is the last thing she thought she would do. Her once stable and comfortable life is now gone. It's now filled with trying to see who gets the girls for holidays and weekends. With the steady income of her husband gone and now split between two households, Peggy has been struggling to make ends meet. Her girls are experiencing difficulty in school as the stress of the divorce has been hard on them.


She's considering leaving the job she has loved doing since day one, but she may have to give it some serious thought. As rewarding as it is, it's barely enough to pay the bills. Peggy hates the thought of having to leave her kids though, not to mention the wonderful parents who entrust her to teach them everyday. Trying to figure out ways to make some extra money on the side, she's tried her hand at babysitting as a second source of income, but that hasn't turned out well.

She's worried and afraid of what the future holds for both her and her girls, but she's a fighter and knows there has to be light at the end of the tunnel. 

My Ideal Client |

Marlene, a youthful 52 year old from Savannah, Georgia, has been married to her husband Ed (10 years her senior) for over 30 years. She had all three of their sons by the time she was 25. She and Ed also have 4 grandchildren they adore. 

Now that the kids are grown and Ed has finally retired from his job as a professor at a local college, Marlene doesn't know what to do with her life. She thought once he retired they would do more traveling, but all Ed wants to do is play golf all day - every day. This was not what Marlene had in mind when she envisioned what their life would be like once Ed retired.

Marlene is known as the life of the party and always enjoyed hosting dinner parties for her husband's colleagues during the holidays. She's also known around town as the southern socialite. Marlene sure does know how to throw a good party (with all the bells and whistles). But now that Ed has retired, the dinner parties have dwindled down to almost nothing.


Her major in college was hospitality management, but she dropped out in her sophomore year to marry Ed. Marlene has spent the last 30 or so years as a homemaker. Raising her sons and taking care of the family and home is all she has known for the past three decades.

Because of her zest for life, Marlene needs something she can put her time and effort towards. The last thing she wants, is to grow miserable and waste her energy on doing nothing, like she's seen most of the women in her family do.

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