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Ebook Cover Design

You've written your book... now what? That was the easy part. Now you have to find the perfect cover that makes your awesome story come to life... let alone, the headache that comes with trying to figure out what to create to promote your masterpiece! Don't worry, you can put away the Tylenol, because I've got you covered! (No pun intended... well maybe a little.) With my Author's Book Packages, I'll design your cover, create a 3D mock up, an animated GIF, and social media images to help you promote your best seller! And for an extra fee, I'll create a catchy book blurb that lures your readers... having them wanting to read more!

  • Basic Plan

    • Ebook Cover
    • INCLUDES: 2 designs (per cover) and unlimited revisions
  • Standard Package

    • Ebook cover, 3D mock-up, and animated GIF
    • 2 ebook designs, (2) 3D mock-ups, and a 3D animated GIF
  • Premium Package

    • Ebook cover, 3D mock-up, animated gif and social media image
    • 2 ebook designs, (2) 3D mock-ups, a 3D animated GIF, and
    • FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest images
  • Social Media Post

    • Social media post with graphics
    • 1 branded post w/copy that speaks to your targeted customer.
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