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Career Development Series

michell pulliam - Women's Mindset Coach


Are you considering a change in your career or going for a promotion where you're currently at? This toolbox is for you! Filled with the tools you'll need to help you make an honest assessment of where you are and help you get clarity on the exact steps you need to take to advance your career. This toolbox includes assessments, worksheets, and exercises. Showing you how to polish and maximize those skills you already possess, in order to have the career you've always desired. 



Are you ready to finally make your entrepreneurial dreams come true? Taking the plunge into one of the fastest's growing industries around, with an estimated 15 million people getting their piece of the entrepreneurial pie. (This figure represents the U.S. only!) This starter kit includes the basic fundamentals to ensure you start your entrepreneurial journey off on the right foundation. Includes assessments, worksheets, and more. 



Containing the basic goal setting tools every boss woman needs to ensure she stays on track with her targeted goals and aspirations. This toolkit includes worksheets, checklists and exercises to ensure you stay on top of your goals and ahead of the game.


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