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Real Talk
Real Talk |

A candid, quick, and easy read, by women's mindset coach, Michell Pulliam! Filled with everyday, practical tips for building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships and marriages (even after divorce). If you're not yet in a relationship, this book will help you get prepared. If you're in a great relationship, it will encourage and enhance it. If your relationship needs help ... Real Talk is for you. Preview and purchase your copy above.


Inside you’ll find out: 

  • Why making your home a haven is a must. 

  • Why you should deal with your insecurities before they deal with you. 

  • What you're probably doing that's draining your relationships. 

  • The number one way to get what you want out of your marriage. 

  • How to avoid the red flags that keep you in relationship ruts. 

  • Why you shouldn't sit there and die if your marriage/relationship isn't working. 

Marriages and relationships take work–sometimes hard work–but as with anything, what you put into it, is what you'll get out of it. If you work hard for your relationships, they'll work hard for you. 


# 1 on the Top 100  "Christian Dating" free list

# 1 on the Top 100  "90-minute Parenting and Relationships"  free list

#22 on the Top 100  "90-minute Parenting and Relationships" paid short reads list 

#28 on the Top 100  "Dating and Relationships" paid list (next to John C. Maxwell)

Chosen as a *Hot New Release* in the "Christian Dating and Relationships" category

Chosen as a *Hot New Release* in the "90-minute parenting and Relationships" category

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TIP #9


With every fiber of your being, don’t become familiar with your spouse by taking them for granted.