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Services I Offer

I created and developed my "Doing You Well" programs, packages, interactive personal development retreats, services, and products through the inspiration of Holy Spirit. They are a compilation of lessons I've taught, studies I've done, courses I've taken, grace from God, and lessons I've learned in an over 25-year span of full-time ministry work. I take confidence in knowing the services I deliver have been prayed over and thoughtfully written for courageous women just like you. Yes you, that fierce, bold yet to be uncovered masterpiece! My desire is that what I offer meets the need of where you currently are, yet challenges you to move forward and accomplish your God-given purpose!

All services are done online via Zoom or by phone. Or if you're in the area, we can meet face-to-face (once this pandemic lets up, of course.). Faith-based and designed to fit your specific needs—using both practical and biblical applications.



What can I say? Michell was patient and nonjudgemental. She knows the process and knows how to coach you through it. If you’re looking to gain insight into who you really are, going through a coaching program would be beneficial. But not just with anyone. Michell has a keen discernment that helps guide you smoothly through the coaching process. My biggest aha moment had to be the Core Values exercise. It’s very liberating as you come out knowing more than ever who you are, which helps you gain a greater perspective on your life and what you will and will not tolerate. Michell’s coaching is perfect for businesswomen who need centering.


I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Michell. I’ve been working with her for about three months now, and my life is completely different. She has helped me find myself again, made me more confident in who I am as a middle-aged woman, and encouraged me to say no to things that are not aligned with what I want. She is so welcoming and insightful and truly cares about you as a person. She really understands where I’m coming from and has helped me find my new normal. If you’re looking for a coach who gets it, Michell is the one.

Doing You Well

Signature Programs

My Signature programs are my most effective form of coaching. I get the opportunity to do 1:1 laser coaching with my clients, developing a relationship built on trust, where we get to the nuts and bolts of the 'whys in her life. Going deep to uncover how she arrived at that place and working together to develop a plan (catered to her) to get her where she desires to be in her life. I'm not a fan of information overload. As a result, my programs use simple, easy-to-follow formats that build upon each other, getting you to your target goal. My breakthrough sessions and full-day intensives are power-packed sessions designed to take you through a transformational process in the shortest amount of time... bringing clarity and an easy-to-follow blueprint to live your best life.